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Customer Review

★★★★★  Very comfortable to wear- They don’t slip.

For me this is one of the biggest pros of these sunglasses- they do not slide on the bridge of my nose, even when I am biking and sweating in the afternoon SoCal heat. I also love how light their feel on my face. They do not put pressure on the bridge, so I do not experiences tension headaches from wearing them, and somehow they manage to stay in place.

It has a sturdy, stiff, frame with an easy to grip zipper and an included caribiner to latch onto a belt or other pants loop. I am notorious for losing or misplacing my sunglasses so having this case on hand reminds me to put them away (rather than down) when go indoors or the lighting changes. It’s also very convenient to be able to access and change out the lenses at anytime thanks to the intuitive storage design of the lens within the inner case compartment.

While I can’t measure the 100% UVA/UVB claim, it does put me at ease to know that these lenses are designed to do such- having such sharp clarity and performance in lenses that are so light on the face is wonderful.

Customer Review

★★★★★  These are great polarized glasses for active adults or kids!

My boys are avid baseball and outdoorsmen. I saw these sunglasses and wanted to get a pair for them to try. We have nothing but good things to say about these glasses. They come with a soft case (made from lens cleaner cloth), a hard zipper case, and two sets of lenses. My boys like the blue mirrored option because they look cool…but they could use the grey lenses when pitching (depending on league rules).

There is also a foam piece along the bridge that is very comfortable and keeps the glasses from slipping down. The lenses are easily changed. See photos. The first shows one blue (left) and one gray (right) lens. The second photo shows both blue lenses. They also said the glasses are comfortable while wearing a ball cap. That’s a big plus!

We are very pleased with this product and will probably be ordering another pair in the future so they don’t fight.

Customer Review

★★★★★ These Shieldo glasses are excellent at a good price point.

I’m not the kind of person to spend much money on sunglasses, but I’m tired of cheap glasses that are uncomfortable, don’t fit right, or fall apart. I’ve been looking for a pair of polarized, comfortable glasses that won’t fall apart, mainly for driving.

These Shieldo glasses are excellent at a good price point.The glasses look very stylish and I would say a bit unique. They are comfortable with rubber in the right places.

One thing that is really nice is the rubber pad on the back at the top (against your forehead). It snaps on with pegs instead of glue (another indication of the quality build) and keeps the plastic from rubbing against your skin and also helps seal off light around the edges.

Most of my photos have one of each lens in to show the difference. I like both but will probably use the black ones most.

I highly recommend these glasses if you like what you see in the pictures .They are a solid pair of polarized sunglasses that look good and feel comfortable.